About Us

We are Pete & Liz, and we have been photographing weddings professionally since 2016.  We like people, and like observing how people interact.  There is nothing better than anticipating - and then capturing - a special moment at a wedding that is gone in an instant.  We love being creative and combining things we are passionate about: people and photography. We think it's the best job in the world.  We photograph as a team, which is great, as we happen to be married to one another.  That makes us the perfect double-act for your event .


We have both lived and worked overseas, and have had a passion for photography since childhood.  We are professional, smart and discreet in our work, so our natural documentary/reportage style fits that approach perfectly.  We dress and act appropriately for your event, so we fit easily into your environment.

Couples often comment that they completely forgot that we were there. And the photos they usually love the most are the ones they didn't even notice us taking.

We are lucky enough to live in rural Worcestershire close to the Cotswolds, Worcester, Solihull. Birmingham, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Gloucester, Cheltenham and Bristol.  


We travel throughout the UK and Overseas. Travel is included in most quotes except for Highlands and Islands. We will give you a customised quote in that case.


It's not just being in the right place but anticipating the right time to be there. With two of us this is so much easier - we work together and with two different but complementary styles we think it works better that way. Our style is described as Reportage or Documentary photography - we photograph what happens naturally and we don't direct what happens on your wedding day.  When you look back at the photos and the slideshow set to music you'll remember the story of the entire day.  And smile, laugh or cry as appropriate.

We use natural light wherever possible, so that we also capture the atmosphere of the day.  Photography is about light, and natural light is so much more interesting than artificial light.  Our love is in those shadows or pools of light or the cast of brightness in back lit images. We're not afraid to use flash where we need to;  skilful use which balances flash with ambient light enables photos to be taken that otherwise would not work at all. 


But above all it's about people.  Weddings are about personalities and emotions mixed with beauty and fun.  And we want our photos to capture all of that.   

Liz & Pete

Some other things we like are scuba diving (Liz was once an Instructor in the Caribbean), yacht sailing, travel, dogs, walking in the British countryside and cricket (well, Pete does).  We are pro-active people who enjoy working with others, making change happen and getting things done. Both of us love being creative.


We would love to discuss your event, project or concept in more detail. Please contact us and tell us more about you and your wedding. 

"Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures this morning.  They made me cry in a good way! They are absolutely beautiful. I knew you both were perfect the day we met you. Thank you for going above and beyond and the proof is in the pictures!!"    Becky